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Our Menstrual Cup is made of surgical silicone made in Germany. These silicones are used in many medical devices because of their flexibility, durability, low toxicity, and heat resistance.


PapayaCup is a cup that has an extra degree of flexibility, so it doesn't cause discomfort when putting it on or taking it off. It is specially designed for women who feel pain when using the menstrual cup. The vagina has its own pH and its own microbiota.


The menstrual cup is the ideal product because it does not alter your vaginal pH so that it does not cause infections or allergies since silicone is specifically made to be inside our body safely.

Super Flexible Papaya Menstrual Cupn S+L Pack

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Includes Cup size L and S

    Only one bag included.

    Made in Spain

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